Diarrhea is the passing of loose or liquid stool, more often than normal. Causes of diarrhrea can be primary (diseases of the small intestine, large intestine) or secondary (diseases of organs other than the intestinal tract). Causes will also be different whether the small intestine or large intestine are involved.
Types of Diarrhea in Dogs

There are essentially two types of diarrhea based on the portion of the intestines involved: small intestinal diarrhea and large intestinal diarrhea.

Symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment will differ between small intestinal and large intestinal diarrhea. Dogs wit
small intestinal diseases will produce a larger amount of stool passed with a mild increase in frequency, about 3 to 5 times a per day. Bowel movement leaves your dog's body effortless, without straining. Dogs with small intestinal disease may also vomit and lose weight. You may hear the rumbling of gas in the belly, resulting in excess gas production. If there is blood in the stool it is digested and black in color.

Disease of  the large intestine including the colon and rectum cause the dog to pass small amounts of loose stool very often, usually more than 5 bowel movements per day. The dog strains to pass stool. If there is blood in the stool,  it is red in color. The stool may be slimy with mucus. Dogs with large intestinal diseases do not usually vomit or lose weight.

When to call your veterinarian

If diarrhea is accompanied by one of the following signs it is wise to consult your veterinarian immediately.
Small intestinal disease
Large intestinal diseases
Non-intestinal Causes
Diarrhea in Dogs:
When to See Your Veterinarian

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