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Dog Care Questions
Dog Care Questions
(The Most common questions dog owners ask
and the related dog care and dog health articles)
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Dog Care

How to choose a veterinarian ?
How to tell if your dog is in pain ?
How can I stop my dog's excessive barking ?
Why do dogs bark ?

Dog Health

How to tell if your dog is ill ?

When to see your veterinarian when your dog vomits

How to detect diabetes in dogs ?
How do dogs get diabetes ?
What are the symptoms of diabetes in dogs ?

Infectious Diseases
What are the symptoms of Kennel cough ?

Zoonotic Diseases
Are there diseases that both dogs and humans can have ?
Which diseases can be obtained through dog saliva ?

Can humans get tapeworm, heartworm, or any other type of worm that a dog may have ?
Can worms be passed from dog to human ?

Why does my dog do this?
Why does my dog keep shaking his head and scratching his ear ?

Dog Training

How to housebreak an adult dog ?



Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook
by James M. Giffin, Liisa D. Carlson
More information:
The Veterinarians' Guide to Your Dog's Symptoms
by Michael S. DVM GARVEY
UC Davis Book of Dogs :
The Complete Medical Reference Guide for Dogs and Puppies
by Mordecai Siegal
More information:

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Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook
by Debra M., DVM Eldredge (Author), Liisa D., DVM Carlson (Author), Delbert G., DVM Carlson (Author), James M., MD Giffin (Author), Beth Adelman Editor)
More information:
Dog Owner's Home Veterinary Handbook
Merck/Merial Manual for Pet Health
The Merck/Merial Manual for Pet Health:
The complete pet health resource for your dog, cat, horse or other pets - in everyday language. (Paperback)
by Merck Publishing and Merial (Author), Cynthia M Kahn (Editor), Scott Line (Editor)
More information:

Dog Care Questions
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